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What WE DO

ProvaGrad is a software platform company that empowers Universities to bring blockchain to their faculty and students.

Undeniable Proof

ProvaGrad is the underlying base for blockchain verification across multiple student transcripts and records. Prova has removed the costly barriers preventing Universities from using blockchain and turned it into new revenue streams.


Barriers to Entry

Blockchain is hailed as a revolutionary technology, but several issues have blocked it from being implemented at an enterprise level. The cost of hiring experts and developing software, ease of implementation for both employees and consumers, and scalability to enterprise levels are large barriers of entry for a company to consider.


Replacing Barriers with Revenue

ProvaGrad was designed to tackle each of these issues so implementing blockchain for your University is as easy as turning on credit card processing. ProvaGrad integrates with existing systems, is scalable to enterprise levels, and is as easy to implement as scanning a barcode. With the barriers removed, Universities can create new revenue streams with ProvaGrad rather than sink money into blockchain.

Advisory Team

Musa Sulejmani

Musa Sulejmani


Ken Fultz

Ken Fultz


Sal Giani

Sal Giani


Amazing Value for your faculty & students
ProvaGrad enables Universities to offer extended transcripts that are unhackable by students and eliminate the pain of reviewing transferring transcripts.
Turn Key
Our expert team has made implementing ProvaGrad incredibly simple and ready to use on day one. On the University’s end it’s as easy as adding a line of code. For their students it becomes a feature of the School’s existing site. No tokens, coins, or other hassles for the customer, just an amazing new value from the University.
ProvaGrad is enterprise scalable. Transaction speeds will never slow a University down.
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